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Whether you want to learn the basics, start a band, or become the next Jimi Hendrix, I can help you out. Lessons are student led and the learner sets their own goals to achieve so they can get the most satisfaction out of playing, and progress in the direction they want to.

Lessons with me are fun and friendly, and beginners start playing songs from the first lesson. Classes are student-led, so learners get the most satisfaction from learning, and set their own goals to achieve.

I'm a professional session guitarist, bassist and music tutor. I have been awarded a distinction for a Master of Music degree, a First Class Honours BA degree in Music, and am fully DBS checked. I teach both bass and guitar, and can offer guidance and instruction in using guitar effects pedals and music technology. I play and teach all styles and genres of popular and contemporary music, and teach both classical and popular music theory.

I have experience in playing professional festivals such as Latitude, Secret Garden Party, and Green Man; and at large concert venues like the Alexandra Palace, and the Electric Ballroom. I have played with artists including the B.B.C. Concert Orchestra and Maverick Sabre, and supported professional artists such as the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Wavves, and Focus.

Newcastle University

Master of Music (Distinction)

Newcastle University

Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in Music

Self Obtained

Grade 8 Guitar

Grade 8 Popular Music Theory (Merit)

Access to Music Norwich

Level Three Diploma in Music Performance (Distinction)

Box of Light

Session Guitarist

James Leonard Hewitson and the Relevant People

Session Guitarist

Dead Ends


The Salsa Project

Session Bassist

I Specialise in
All Abilities: from beginners through to advanced students
All ages: no-one is too old or too young to learn music!
Songwriting and Composition
Improvisation and Jazz
Indie, Shoegaze, and Brit-pop
Punk, Grunge, and Alternative Rock


Adam Soper Guitar Tuition specialises in guitar teaching, and can teach acoustic guitar and electric guitar to all ages and abilities. Soper can teach students both finger-style guitar and picked guitar styles, in all genres of popular and contemporary music. The lessons are student-led, and learners set their own goals. In these classes students only learn what they want to learn, allowing them to become the guitarist that they want to, rather than the guitarist someone else thinks they should be. These lessons will always have a strong emphasis on composition, improvisation, and performance, this is because Adam Soper Guitar Tuition believes in making musicians and guitarists, not in making guitar students. The ultimate goal of Adam Soper Guitar Tuition is for assisting students in creating art which they are happy with, and encouraging them and directing them in a way so they perform and record the music they create and love.

As a session guitarist and band member (Box of Light, James Leonard Hewitson and the Relevant People, Dead Ends), Soper has amassed extensive performance experience and has performed on multiple headline tours and support tours, including tour support for Californian surf-punk band Wavves in 2015. When performing in these groups Soper has performed at numerous major U.K. music festivals, including Latitude, Secret Garden Party, and Green Man.

Soper is a well qualified guitarist, having obtained Grade 8 Guitar; Undergraduate and Postgraduate Music Degrees; and a Level 3 Diploma in Music Performance. He studied guitar with Dr Mick Wright at Newcastle Univeristy as well as Eugene Pryer and Alex Jones while attending Access to Music Norwich.

Bass Guitar

Adam Soper Guitar Tuition is experienced in bass guitar performance and tuition. Students of all ages and abilities can be provided for, and tuition is directed by the students, allowing them total control over what it is they learn. Adam Soper is the Bass Guitar Teacher at the Rock Project Newcastle, where he teaches students between the ages of 7-11 how to play the instrument.

Soper began learning bass before he picked up guitar, when he was at high school. In this time he played in a number of bands with school friends and at 'Rockschool' type workshops, as well as obtaining Grade 5 in the instrument before switching to studying guitar at college and university. Soper studied jazz, funk, and rock bass with Simon Hadringham. It was with Hadringham that Soper began to develop an improvisational approach to music making and applied this approach to the bass guitar. Soper continues to play bass guitar professionally as a session musician as well as on record for his own compositions and songs.

Music Theory

Adam Soper Guitar Tuition offers lessons in Music Theory. This covers both classical and popular music theory. Music theory is extremely important for students to learn, if it is to prepare for sitting graded exams, to better understand music, to help with songwriting and composition, or in preparation  for studies at GCSE, A-Level, or University.

Soper gained a Merit for Grade 8 Popular Music Theory (Rsl) in 2018, a Distinction for Grade 5 music theory (ABRSM) in 2012. At University he studied Orchestration and Arrangement with Professor Agustín Fernández; and Counterpoint and Voice Leading with Professor Magnus Williamson. These studies further developed Soper's understanding of classical music theory. 

Lessons given by Eugene Pryer and Dr Mick Wright in advanced popular music theory complimented knowledge already amassed by Soper through his extensive professional performance experience. Currently Soper is writing a book on scales and modes, the particulars of which have been overlooked by music education resources. 


As a songwriter, Adam Soper has worked with Helen Anderson and Conor Etteridge of Box of Light and James Leonard Hewitson. Soper has a lengthy songwriting portfolio including the mixtape Keep Your Dreams (2017); video album Alistair Edward Marwood (2016); output of the band Dead Ends, and British Fortified Wine. Adam Soper is currently working on art projects titled Fruit of the Vine (tbr c.2019), and For the Love of Ivy (tbr c.2023), which require him to produce around five albums worth of songs every year.

Adam Soper Guitar Tuition can assist learners in improving their songwriting ideas from forming more inventive chord progressions; developing their lyric-writing; or advancing understanding of arrangements. Soper can provide learners with songwriting in any genre of popular and contemporary music, his own practise and songs cover a diverse range from punk to folk, folk to jazz, jazz to noise, noise to metal, metal to reggae, and reggae to pop. Soper has studied songwriting during undergraduate and postgraduate study with Dr Will Edmondes, Kieran Rafferty, and Pete Scott


Adam Soper Guitar Tuition is experienced in composition teaching, and can provide guidance in both 'classical' composition; experimental 'art music' composition; and jazz composition.

Throughout his Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies at Newcastle University, Adam Soper studied composition with Professor Agustín Fernández, Dr Bennett Hogg, and Dr Will Edmondes. The composition which Adam Soper produces and he can teach on covers notation-based composition (as might be expected to be submitted for GCSE and A-Level Music Composition portfolios), recorded composition, and electro-acoustic composition. Adam Soper has worked with creating Tape-Loops and utilised glitching and computer programs to produce his compositions. This work is produced in conjunction with traditional notation and visual scores, such as the score for performance piece 'SO WHAT , WHY NOT?!' (2015).


Adam Soper Guitar Tuition can provide instruction in improvisation: this includes conventional improvisation techniques associated with rock, prog rock, and blues music; harmonic, chromatic, and modal techniques derived from Jazz; or experimental techniques originating from free improvisation, free jazz, noise, and psychedelia.

As an improviser Adam Soper has had experience playing in the professional bands Box of Light, and James Leonard Hewitson and the Relevant People. In these bands the improvisation covered a broad range of bases: from conventional techniques improvising guitar solos (as can be seen in the live video for Box of Light's song 'You Try'), and extended techniques associated with noise, post-punk, and shoe-gaze.

Throughout Adam Soper's Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies he frequently improvised with the world-class improviser Dr Will Edmondes, as well as other undergraduate and postgraduate students, and members of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne experimental music scene. This work was grounded in experimental music making and extended techniques associated with free jazz, free improvisation, noise, and the avant-garde.

Adam Soper has performed and collaborated with members of, and at events organised by, Newcastle Improviser's Workshop, The Old Police House, Culture Lab, the International Centre for Music Studies (ICMuS), Wild Pop, Felt Beak, and Blue Rinse. Adam Soper Guitar Tuition is currently working to deliver workshops in experimental music practice to 16-25 year-old students in Newcastle. 

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